Skincare Facts You Should Know About

The Internet is a wonderful source of information. We swear by the power of social media and we are pretty much sure that we would have a very hard time adjusting if Google ever decides to cease its operation. You probably feel the same, because just like us, you have a curious mind and are on the Internet all the time reading about skincare products and beauty care tips.

But (yes, there is always a but) the Internet is also filled with strange information and myths. From once-upon-a-time tales to magical claims to cure-all testimonials to fake news, instead of feeling enlightened, sometimes doing research on the Internet can make you more confused.

So to help our journey together, we have started our very own natural skincare myth-busting series. These short and sweet articles aim to debunk some of the common myths that are floating around in the virtual realm when it comes to natural skincare or just skincare in general.

We don’t claim to know everything, but we try our best to be transparent and responsible in everything we do. And this includes sharing our knowledge.

Myth-Busting Series

Myth 1: Natural Skincare Doesn’t Need Preservatives. Are preservatives a must in natural skincare products? Can we do it without? Click here to learn more.

Myth 2: Oily Skin Doesn’t Need Moisturiser. Will moisturiser make our oily skin more oily? Should we remove moisturiser from our skincare routine if we have an oily complexion? Click here to learn more.

Do you have a question or two about natural skincare yourself? Send us your questions and let us pull our collective brainpower together and help answer the question. 

We will continue to grow our myth-busting series, so make sure to come back to this page regularly for new articles. Better still, subscribe below and join the Mighty Impression community for useful and practical skincare tips and updates. 

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