Design Your Soap – Oily Skin


Made in Australia. Vegan. 100% palm oil free.

Want soap that is made just for you?

Now you can design your very own soap with Mighty Impression.


1. Scroll down and confirm your skin type under "Select Product". This helps our artisan choose a unique base formulation to suit your skin.

2. Now you are ready to design your own soap. Follow our simple 4-step process, have fun and create.


You will get 5 beautiful artisan soaps handmade just for you. Each bar is 115g.


1. It will take around 7 days to make your soap. This includes the design, formulation and actual making of the soap.

Once the loaf of soap is made and cut into individual bars, the bars can be used immediately and will be sent to you. BUT we strongly recommend the bars to be left unused for another 3-6 weeks. This will allow the bars to continue to cure and harden. 

We know it is hard to wait around. but trust us, your very own artisan soap bars are worth the wait!

2. The beauty of handmade creation is every bar is unique. Selection of oils, exfoliants, colouring or fragrances will influence the final product. This is why no two bars of our artisan soap will ever be the same.

3. Do you have allergies? If you have any allergies, do make sure you test our product before use. Our product is designed for external use only. Please store away from heat, humidity and direct light.

Start Design Your Own Soap

Design Your Soap - Combination Skin